Chemical Materials
December 14, 2017
Canola Oil
December 14, 2017

stabilisation, filtration, drainage, protection and Our world-class substructure contain of a full range of machinery to supplement our knitting, processing, heat setting, coating, embossing, printing, lacquering, sueding, tumbling and laminating needs. We remarkable quality and innovation , thus, our Physical, Chemical and Development Laboratories are able of testing mostly all attributes of synthetic leather for different segments and applications.
Synthetic Leather is widely used in the footwear industry because of the wonderful variety and high permanence. We produce a beautiful collection of specialized PVC Vinyl for the footwear industry. We offer products for various parts of footwear like shoe uppers, shoe lining and insoles. These products find application in formal shoe and boots, sports shoes, sandals, slippers as well as high end women’s footwear.

The importance of the correct specification and installation of geosynthetics cannot be exaggerate and can potentially be critical to the overall success of a project. It is  advantageous therefore that the suitable system selection criteria are considered at the early levels of the project design, as some applications require a combination of several functions.

Within the construction and perspective section the use of geotextiles has become substantial in solving an increasingly various range of global geotechnical and environmental problems.

Specifically the primary advantageous of using geotextiles is to enhance the performance, and design life, of development within the built environment. Typical, traditional, applications for geotextiles include soil reinforcement, ground erosion control. However, the ongoing impact of climate change and the requirement to deliver supportable development is increasingly creating the need for more diverse and innovative geotextile applications across all sectors.